Locate a phone by number

Use the robust location tracker to identify the accurate location of any cell phone number on the map and connect with your family and friends.

  • Stay anonymous

    You are free to request geolocation anonymously and no scripting will be done from your computer/Android/iPhone.

  • All territory available

    Our geolocation service is accurate and available worldwide if the mobile phone is connected to the internet.

  • Ease of use

    No downloads of special apps is needed. Simply type in the phone number and locate any cell phone.

  • In compliance with legislation

    GPSLocator complies with the AEPD regulations and it will activate only with the consent of the person searched.

Global phone location tracker

Our mobile number tracker, based on the updating algorithm and the latest GPS technology, can show exact location of the number in seconds. This program makes sure to shortlist the accurate results that are connected to the number that you wish to geolocate. Once the desired phone is located, you will receive precise location in the form of mapping.

How does GPS phone tracker work?

  • Step 1

    Enter the phone number you want to search for

  • Step 2

    Make the payment of the service by credit card(secure payment)

  • Step 3

    Type in the phone number to receive the geolocation result

  • Step 4

    See the precise location of the phone on the map

What motivates users to use GPSLocator to locate a mobile phone?

“My daughter went out late at night, through GPSLocator I can know her whereabouts and get peace of mind.”

Helen J.

“My phone was stolen, I used GPSLocator to track my lost phone and thankfully it was still online. I immediately informed the police about the location.”

John S.

“I like this fantastic gadget so much that I got an account here. It has a clear interface and the unlimited search feature has been very useful.”

Todd S.

“My friend and I were separated in a crowded place. I finally found her location and we got to reconnect!”

Pauline J.

“I was tired of downloading all kinds of applications. But this service is easy to set up. Just type in the phone number and get started!”


Find GPS location by phone number online

GPSLocator offers a hassle-free way to locate any cell phone online. Once you go to the service page, enter the desired phone number into the empty search field. Then click on “find location”. Then it will work with GPS system to retrieve the information for you in a few moment. The location is presented on a interactive map.

  • Why people choose GPSLocator?

    Trusted by millions - This program is truly tried-and-tested. It has helped millions find the location of mobile phone.

    Save time - All it takes to look up a phone number is a few steps. It saves you a great deal of valuable time.

    Respect privacy - Our service is committed to protecting your privacy. Only you can access the search history.

  • How do I make use of GPSLocator?

    GPSLocator is designed to be easy-to-use. It can be used to locate family member, old friends or keep your loved ones safe. In case you lose your smartphone, either Android or iOS device, this program can help to locate the cell phone.

  • Does GPSLocator work if the cell phone is turned off?

    The target phone must be turned on for our service to work. However, as soon as it is switched on, geolocation request will be performed.

  • How accurate is phone number tracker?

    GPSLocator provides you with exact location with accuracy between 1 and 6 meters. You can drag the map down to street level.